Purposes of Partnership:


TORCOSS believes the services for Chinese overseas students will be perfected through the sharing of resources and mutual help. Through the partnership relationships we shall achieve the aims of making up each other’s deficiencies and then benefits the four parties: the students, the parents and families, your company or organisation, and TORCOSS. Thus TORCOSS sincerely invites highly rated partners for maximising the service quality and social benefits.


Partnership targets and formats:


  1. Overseas Study Consultants/Agents: TORCOSS has a team of professionally trained social service workers who are rich in practical social services experiences and have strong service networks with the local service organisations in Toronto, especially on the needs of the Chinese overseas students. If you have clients need caring services for their children coming to study in Toronto such as living caring supports, personal growth and development guidance, life coaching, strengthening parent-child relationships, etc. TORCOSS would like to work hand in hand with each other’s strength to help them and develop the growing ‘junior overseas students’ market in China.


  1. Schools and service organisations in Toronto: TORCOSS has close working relationships with many overseas study agents in China that the sources of students are very secure. In the joint services between TORCOSS and your company such as personal or group activities for these students, topical workshops or seminars, institutions and courses presentation, mock interviews, community services, personal guidance, promotion of the school and services in China, etc. can help the students and their parents have better understanding on the living and study environments in Toronto, relieve their worries, and then develop a healthy Chinese overseas students market. On a mutually beneficial basis TORCOSS expects from going forward hand in hand with the local schools and service organisations to help more Chinese overseas students to overcome their many personal problems during their study and actualise their personal life goals.


  1. Para-Services for overseas students: For deepening and widening the TORCOSS services for Chinese overseas students we look forward to building up working relationships with peer companies and other trades for serving overseas students that including: overseas study consultants, home stay services, insurance agents, realtors, travel agents, education business, transportation, legal practitioners, immigration consultants, and tutoring services, etc.